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Today we talking about TWRP Manager (ROOT) App Review with LIVE BACKUPS, This app will root your smartphone safely you should download and watch TWRP Manager (ROOT) App Review with LIVE BACKUPS, we’re posting a detailed video how to use app and TWRP Manager (ROOT) App Review with LIVE BACKUPS you can download it form the bellow download button . and you can get all video tutorials about smartphone problem pc fixes right here Watch Video Tutorials on

Watch TWRP Manager (ROOT) App Review with LIVE BACKUPS

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This video will Show you how to use TWRP manager on your rooted and unlocked device. it can also install TWRP recovery for you.

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  1. TWRP Live Backup looks like such a cool feature that I purchased it. Not much money for the purchase. But the backup is taking forever on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 10.1. Well over a half an hour and it is still estimating /data size. Had I known this, I would not have bought it as the reboot backups do not take very long at all. Nice idea, not very practical. The purchase does eliminate the very annoying ads. Cost for ad removal, live backup, and updates for life: $3.00. TWRP is very good. The Live Backup is not worth buying.
    EDIT: I had to abort the backup and create it normally, reboot to recovery. Live Backup not useful or working at all. So sad.

  2. hello! i had backuped my system using cmw recovery. When I installed a rom in my device the recovery mode changed into twrp. Now, how can i restore my rom that I had backuped?

  3. my LG G2 32 GB phone Verizon is stuck in TWRP keeps rebooting up in this mo fo LOL PISSING ME OFF!!! I wiped my ROM by mistake LOL. I'm getting it back soon from LG they would not fix it so I'll have to flash and put custom ROM to it but I dont know how I have Skype also for some one to help me live will send beer or few bucks for some one to help me LOL

  4. When I perform a Live Backup in TWRP (Manager) ROOT it gets stuck Finalizing, how would you (I) go about troubleshooting?  (Gave it more 8+ hours to run but it doesn't finish)

    SGH-M919 (SG4 T-Mobile)
    Root: TWRP
    Manager: TWRP
    BusyBox: BusyBox – Stephen (Stericson)

    Thank you

  5. First Time installing TWRP Manager & it is (like you say) worth more value than the charge asked for.

    Quick Question: When I tapped, "Live Recovery" a, "BusyBox" Installation screen popped up, how important is installing BusyBox on rooted devices and will it remain on there device after flashing a custom ROM (liquid smooth)?

    Currently using T-Mobile SG4 (SGH-M919) 4.2.2.

    Appreciate help installing Custom ROMs (Are there any recommended ROMs you love/why?)

  6. Says my note 3 isn't supported. 900V. I guess none work then since this won't, Clockwork doesn't (and is a rip off. The dev ruins the name for honest devs). At least TRWP says it's not supported, but Clockwork ruined my whole night. If it matters, I rooted using Kingo, it says I'm rooted, but the initial backups fail.

    If anyone tries a backup with that fail software, clockworkmod, and you can't get back into your phone (you get an error that says you must take your phone into a verizon dealer). Fear not. Just do this at the screen it settles on with the warning:

    Hold down your volume down button.
    Hold your home key (The actual button on the lowest part of your phone).
    Hold your power button.

    Soon as it reboots, let go of the power button but continue to hold the other two until you get the menu prompt. Then use the volume keys to select your choice. Volume down (Restart) is what you want. May be different for other phones.

  7. So is the install using the stock rom slot for a custom rom install which would be overwriting your stock rom.  What's the difference in this and Safestrap.