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Today we talking about Official TWRP App Review, This app will root your smartphone safely you should download and watch Official TWRP App Review, we’re posting a detailed video how to use app and Official TWRP App Review you can download it form the bellow download button . and you can get all video tutorials about smartphone problem pc fixes right here Watch Video Tutorials on

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Official TWRP App review for rooted devices. simple TWRP image download and flash. always be up to date with the latest TWRP recovery on your devices. click show more.

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  1. i just break my design tablet haha wont work actually it get stuck on boot logo but nevermind i still have a another phone

  2. hey i have a lenovo k4 note with Android 5.1 and i have rooted the device. i wanna install resurrection remix custom rom in it. can you provide the twrp recovery and rom download links ?

  3. Can u please make a video on how to install a custom ROM on Huawei p8 Lite … I haven't found anything useful in the internet until now 😥

  4. excellent video as always, on my new Lanova Moto Z Force, I've been gone for about 3 months thats Why I didn't answer your phone call on anything live you were doing cuz I was on the road going from the Redwoods back to northern Idaho so you're the greatest keep up the good work I'm going to have to check and see if you got anything going for the Lenovo Moto Z-Force going on ,keep it going.

  5. Seems like Flashify is a little easier at this point. Why in the world do you actually have to enter in your device? Flashify will at least do that for you. Hopefully in time it will improve.

  6. I need Help. i have a verizon note 5 and its google locked. i tried the otb method and didnt work. when i plug the flash drive into my phone nothing happens. i tried sidesync and that didnt work wither. bothing shows on the screen. please help

  7. before watching this video i did flash to boot. Couldn't get out of recovery. Thank god i had made a backup before. I was all in mess