How To Fix windows 10 start menu and Taskbar Cortana not working


How To Fix windows 10 start menu and taskbar Cortana not workingFix Start Menu Taskbar and Cortana issues in Windows.

Fix :windows 10 taskbar not working Start Menu issues- Microsoft’s Recently released windows 10 came up with a big bang, it gained much popularity among windows PC users. They offered free windows 10 upgrade to their users so, they can avail new features of windows 10.But it was not much better windows Due to some issues in it. Same, there is an issue of windows 10 Start Menu and Taskbar not working and cortana not working.Developers tried to fix these issues and the question frequently was being asked several times in those certain groups and forums. After reading those and trying personally finally i am back with a resolution of it. The main menu in windows 10 appears as in a welcome screen as things are arranged at a place. But unfortunately it has an annoying problem of not opening when we tap on start button or click on windows button in keyboard. The worse still, it freezes the search box too. This problem happens sometime when windows updates are being installed on your system.But it more cause when your system is threatened with a bug.Fortunately, there are some ways to get rid of these problems and sort them out. I will try my best to Fix Your windows 10 Start Menu and taskbar not working issue through this Guide.

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    How to Fix Taskbar, Start Menu, Cortana Not Working Issue

With this Guide i believe you will resolve your issue of start menu not working windows 10. The methods are completely genuine methods that will surely work for you,Even though i had tried several methods by watching videos reading different posts but they couldn’t work for me. So i tried to resolve issue myself and it worked for me and i hope it will work for you too.Fix Start Menu Taskbar and Cortana issues in Windows.

    Fix windows 10 start menu not working (Method 1)

We are going to fix it by Powershell Method.

  • Step 1.on right corner Right click on Start Menu and open Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  • Step 2. It will open CMD just Type Powershell and Hit enter button.
  • Step 3.Copy this Command Code and paste this into Powershell CMD window that we opened previously and hit enter button.
  • Step 4. Just wait for a while, until the process get finished the command.
  • Step 5. When it’s done now try by yourself hopefully your Start Menu Taskbar and Cortana will be working perfectly.

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I believe this will work for you and if it doesn’t i am sharing another guide. Where you will learn something related to it. I hope this will work for you because there you will have to uninstall these two program Dropbox and Avast Security antivirus,it’s not fixed that this method will work i don’t know because caused occasionally. Uninstall these 2 apps and move forward to next steps i am sharing below.Fix Start Menu Taskbar and Cortana issues in Windows.

    Windows 10 start menu and cortana not working (Method 2)

Restart Your Computer (Make sure you can right click on start menu and access panel, after that click on Sign Out or click on shutdown > Click on Restart. If you are still unable to open restart by right clicking on the start menu then follow this method, just get your hands on the keyboard and press these keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete then go to bottom of the right corner of the screen tap on power screen to restart it.

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It always doesn’t work but it works occasionally try it out yourself. it is better to restart before any troubleshooting. After these now you will have to boot it in safe mode and for booting it in safe mode Press and hold the down shift key>Click on Restart. After that you will have to do this in next screen Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart. The System will start within some moments.

In this section you will have Startup Setting Screen. Just tap f4 key or 4 number in your keyboard. It will occur in safe mode after that reboot the system to boot back directly into normal windows mode.

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    Fix windows 10 taskbar not working,Start Main Menu and Cortana (Method 3)

Easiest Method that i am going to share now just follow below steps to resolve this issue,

Step 1: Firstly you have to Download this file in Your Browser.

Step 2: After downloading file run it as an administrator.

Step 3: just wait for a while, at least 10 seconds and after 10 seconds you will see results.

Step 4:Now i believe taskbar start menu and cortana will be working fine.Fix Start Menu Taskbar and Cortana issues in Windows.

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At that time you will notice the wifi of your computer isn’t working anymore. To fix this issue, follow these steps to get it done.

Step 1:Right click on My computer and click on Properties after that click on Device Manager.

Step 2:Click on Device Manager to see full list of

Step 3:Now click on Network adapters to expand the list of all of your Wifi Adapters(Right click on it and click on uninstall)

Step 4: once uninstalling done for all wifi adapters now there will be an option Scan for hardware changes and click on it,

Step 5: once all done, your wifi drivers will be installed again and it will be working now.

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    Windows 10 taskbar not working Start menu and cortana not working(Method 4)

This fix is much easier than other, however you might not have thought to create a local account in your windows 10 can resolve the issue. I tried myself and it works fine for me. And you must try it too and creating a new local username in windows 10 via CMD will be much easier and i am sharing that way.

  • Open Command Prompt CMD by running it as an administrator
  • Check out screenshot below just change TrickyGuy with your desired username and 1234 as your password and hit enter button.

Wrapping up

I hope with these any of the ways will work for you and you will be able to fix windows 10 taskbar start menu and cortana issue with these 4 methods. Thank you and it would be better if you share with your friends because sharing is caring..


  1. I had also a problem with the search our virus scanner disabled the windows firewall. for some reason it stopt working the search in windows 10 if the firewall is disabeld. make sure firewall is on from windows sometimes you have to reboot but then it’s back and working