Best Ways To Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area in Windows 10/8.1/7


Want to Know How to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area in Windows 10/8.1?
Best Ways To Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area in Windows 10/8.1/7

Best Way To Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area-Blue Screen of Death or you can call it BSOD is a sign of fault that occasionally occurs in windows Due to several Reasons and each time you will have a new error.There another error occurs sometimes that shows as page_fault_in_nonpaged_area.The errors occur due to more power usage, or you can say Power outage and it it was hard for me to fix it as it was not a game for a child.And once I faced this error due to the installation of an App, and I was frustrated that what the heck is this?, As I didn’t had any idea regarding that. I researched a little bit to find What is Page Fault in Nonpaged Area.

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    What is Page Fault in Nonpaged Area?

Best Ways To Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area in Windows 10/8.1/7

It is an error that occurs in Windows due to your PC Might have asked for the page memory, but it couldn’t have this, and it got crashed.Page Fault In Nonpaged Area is an essential error that occurs in Windows 10,8,8.1 and almost other. But, that’s not a bug as it asked for some page memory for a little bit reliability in your PC. But it couldn’t find any so that’s the reason it got crashed and it is called as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).Below we will Discuss how to get this done and resolve it out.

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    How to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area in Windows 10?

Not only in Windows 10 but even you can apply this method to resolve page_fault_in_nonpaged_area windows 10. The method is accurate but if you face any issue regarding you can ask your queries related to this post and get your windows fixed.

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    Safe Mode Method to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area

While the error occurs, the first ever thing that we do is. We restart the PC and after logging in it will be okay, but that’s not a permanent fix and if the error of BSOD occurs again just reboot the PC. When restarting your PC make sure it is on the black background with the white text, just Press F8 Button and you will be greeted with few option to get to know how you want to reboot your PC. For Fixing Page Fault In Nonpaged Area Error you will have to choose Safe Mode option. Safe Mode option has always been an excellent choice to resolve your Windows errors and to Relax with the safe mode to face no mistakes, and this can help you for Windows 10-page fault in nonpaged area.

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    Fix Windows 10 page fault in nonpaged area

By using Use Windows Advanced Options, we can get it done, You might be wondering what’s the connection between these errors and Windows Advanced option. But they are the sources that get helps us to get rid of these errors let’s know how to Fix page fault in nonpaged area.For doing this, turn off your PC Completely and start it again.a black screen will appear just Press (F8) Button, and if it doesn’t work then Hit F2 Button into your Keyboard, and Hold the button until you don’t see Advanced Options.Once you are in Windows Advanced Options Menu, select the last option Known as Good Configuration and hit Enter button. You will see as it will be starting your PC Into a Good Configuration and will stop the Error Page Fault in Nonpaged Area Temporarily.

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Now again Restart Your PC But when Black Screen appear Press F12 or Press F10 if F12 Isn’t working on your Side. When you see white text on your Screen Just there, you will see a menu, and there will be an option of “Disable Memory Cache” click on it and Press enter once it’s done just save your settings and exit.
And again restart your PC and let it boot Completely once it’s done just Press These 2 Buttons Together “Windows+R” On Keyboard and it will open a Run Program. In Run box just Type “chkdsk /f /r C:” this text and hit the enter button.It will configure and troubleshoot your hard drive if it has any problem it will get fixed and there will be no more issue of Nonpaged Area Fault Error in your windows.

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    Remove RAM Strip and Reinsert To Fix Page Fault in Nonpaged Area

You might be thinking that what this relate to this error but the thing is, Sometimes your Ram has any Problem due to the Power Problem, and this can be the cause that you are facing this issue.You just have to shut down your PC Completely and unplug all the Power cables and remove your Laptop Battery Before Removing the Ram. After that, if you have any other ram that it would be a great option or if you don’t have just start your PC again and there will be no issue at all.

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    Update the Device Drivers and Disable the Faulty Ones

It can be the cause of the Page Fault in Nonpaged Area Windows 8 and other Windows versions. However updating those drivers may help you to get rid it off. And disabling can be a furthermore advantage if you use it in a proper way, let’s see how you can get this done.

  • Open start Menu and right click on my computer.
  • Click on manage and click on Device Manager.
  • Check out if there is any Faulty Driver,(it will have a Yellow Mark Means if it is Faulty or it is outdated)
  • Reinstall the Driver, and its done

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Wrapping up: I have tried my best to explain Page Fault in Nonpaged Area in Windows to fix it. Even there are other ways too, but I hope these will work smoothly, but if any problem persists you can comment your query here I would love to resolve your issues as soon as possible. Keep Visiting us..


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