Download internet Explorer 11 For Windows 10 & install Safely


Download internet Explorer 11 For Windows 10 & install SafelyDownload internet Explorer 11 For Windows 10 & install Safely

Download internet Explorer 11 For Windows 10 & install Safely-Internet explorer has always been a favorite browser of windows lovers and in most often it is integrated in every windows. Somehow it shows error in windows 10 occasionally and we can’t access internet explorer in windows 10.

Windows 10 has been a very famous operating system but it contains several issues that are discouraging users to get rid of this shitty operating system. If you know that we have already came up with few fixes of the issues that the start Menu and cortana not working in windows 10 or DPC Watchdog violation or Page Fault Nonpaged area Errors that really irritate users but we have already came up with their solutions. if you still don’t have windows 10, You can download Windows 10 iso with Product Keys also you can download windows 10 activator.

I am not saying that windows 10 operating system is a worst OS but, i would say it is a best ever operating system because it contains variety of features and lots of options that had never revealed by Microsoft.

    Internet explorer 11 For Windows 10 64 Bit Free Download

Well it has many more,let’s discuss the topic that we have Got today. Firstly Here i am going to show you How to enable internet explorer in windows 10 as, mostly internet explorer is available in every windows 10. You might know about Download internet explorer 10 for windows 10. But what we need is, internet explorer 11 for windows 10, just scrolling down  the post and keep reading i am going reveal all things regarding.

    Internet Explorer not Microsoft Edge

Download internet Explorer 11 For Windows 10 & install Safely

Some windows 10 users think, Microsoft Edge and Internet explorer are same but that’s not true.Due to the interface people just think that Internet explorer has got a new interface Although its not, and still they are using just like they are using internet explorer. It would be easy to recognize it via its icon or the name might be written at the top of the windows.

If you already have heard that the Microsoft Windows Edge browser is the new released browser for windows. And it’s not that your Internet explorer that you have been using so far since years. And windows 10 is having much bigger beyond your thoughts if you have used it.

Microsoft Had to promote its new browser and they could also do by sharing it on their official website. Hence they included in windows 10 to get the world knows about it and let the users to avail new browser Microsoft Edge in windows 10 as a surprise. They added the the browser as a default browser for windows, They could also do it by just giving a second option because Internet explorer is a well known browser that is integrated from the birth of the windows.

    Open Internet Explorer in windows 10 via Search bar

Download internet Explorer 11 For Windows 10 & install Safely

  1. Open windows search bar by clicking any of the corner, and search “Internet explorer”
  2. Now click on Internet explorer Software icon and open it.
  3. In this step,You will see it will be opening and the homepage will be started.

    Open internet Explorer using Run Command

The Run box is a very helpful feature ever integrated with windows. It helps us to go to any directory within seconds just like its a shortcut key and here, we are going to use it to open internet explorer in windows 10 lets see how.

  1. Open windows start and click on the Run box, if you aren’t able to find it just Press “Windows+R” Keys Together, or you can simply open it from start menu by searching it.
  2. A run box will be greeted on your screen with a small dialogue box, just type “iexplore” in the run box and click on OK, Check image below.
  3. When You click on the OK you will find internet Explorer 11 opening its homepage (MSN) on your screen.

    Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 10 Offline installer

Download Here

Wrapping up:

Even here are much other ways but these seems to be easy, so i shared them with you. However, if you want to download internet explorer 11 For windows 10, You can download it from their official website. But why you should install internet explorer on windows 10, when it is already integrated in your windows 10. Follow these steps and get IE For windows 10. If any problem persist, just comment here i will try my best to resolve your issue.