How to Download/install/Move Apps To SD Card Android Without Rooting


    How to Download/install/Move Apps To SD Card Android Without Rooting

How to Download/install/Move Apps To SD Card Android- Are you looking for a way to Download/install/Move Apps to SD card on Android. Are you fedup of trying several methods that even don’t work? So here is the guide where i am going to answer of your question of How to Download/install/Move Apps To SD Card

There are number of ways that we often adopt ourselves but don’t get the thing that we really need. Even i was trying myself and finding the exact way i tried lots of methods and researched a lot on finding them through Google. But, everyone was just trying to increase their posts not users intention. However, there was just few sites those have posted that exact way but they were not on initiate results. So, i went in depth to find the way that if it works for me. There were some relevant posts that were being recognized as Install Android Apps on SD Card Android. But at that time i wasn’t looking for this i was just looking For How can i Download Apps to SD Card Android. But it smashed my all the time However, i experimented several time so i can invent a new one 😛  but to be very frank i am not technologist so i could invent one. You can also Move Apps to SD Card on Android even more things you can do on your android phone. There we face lots of issues that make us feel fed up of trying that don’t really works. As i am gonna reveal some tips that really works and they worked for me and i believe they will work for you for sure. I am gonna streamline some methods that will help you to Download Apps to SD Card on Android or if you want to Install Apps to SD Card on Android or if you want tips on Move Apps to SD Card on Android. So let’s get to the topics sequence wise.

    How to Download Apps To SD Card Android

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Download ES File Explorer File Manager install it
  • Open ES File Explorer File Manager
  • Click on button (it will be top right of the App)
  • Click on Setting
  • Go to Directory Setting
  • Tap on Download Path
  • Tap on the arrow to go back (until you don’t go to the internal storage directory)
  • Open /storage/450c directory
  • And tap OK button
  • You will see Download Path will be SD Card

With this method you will be able to Download Apps to SD Card is a tested verified method i personally applied and i believe it will work for you too. There may be lots of the methods but this one is indeed a best one and verified one. If you still get any doubts i am sharing a video with you that will surely make you understand and help you. If the problem is not sort out of Download Apps to SD Card Android then comment below i will update this post again for you. Check out the video if you are looking to know How to Store Apps on SD Card By Default Below. And you will be able to get your answer if you want to know how to download apps directly to SD


    How to Install Android Apps on SD Card Android

  • Add your SD Card on Android Mobile
  • Setup SD Card in your phone (use as internal storage)
  • A message will be displayed Format as internal storage
  • Erase and Format
  • See apps if they are installed on your smartphone
  • Android will be encrypting your SD Card
  • Once formatting SD Card is done
  • It will ask if you want to move currently device storage on SD Card that you have installed
  • For Migrating SD Card click Move Now
  • When it is done completely there will be a message telling you SD Card is working tap on done.
  • Once your SD Card will be formatted as internal storage
  • Go to setting>storage
  • Tap on any app in device manager
  • After that if you will install any app it can be done by this
  • Done now you have successfully installed Apps on SD Card Android

This method is working fine if you don’t have a Rooted android. that’s not a problem this method works for install Android Apps on SD Card Android without Rooting. You are now able to install apps on SD Card Android. With this method your Android will consider SD Card as an internal storage so, there will be no doubts and it will automatically install Apps on SD Card Android

    How to Move Android Apps on SD Card without Rooting

In order to Move Apps on SD Card Android without Rooting. You must have an Android Marshmallow version. If you don’t have i would recommend you to upgrade your android version to Marshmallow. And after that follow these below instructions to Move Android Games/on SD Card without Rooting.

  • Tap on main menu
  • Tap on setting
  • Scroll down and go to “Storage and USB” and Tap on it
  • Under portable store tap on SD Card
  • Tap on the button top of the screen with 3 dots right side of screen
  • Now tap on its Format as internal
  • Formatting can erase your all data i would prefer you to backup all and move towards
  • Now when backing up done tap on “Erase and Format”
  • It will take few moments to accomplish formatting data
  • Once it accomplish process of formatting you may move your photos to SD Card
  • Select Move Now
  • Now if you want to Move Apps/Games on SD Card go to internal storage through setting
  • Tap any of the app you want to move
  • Now tap on the change and select SD Card
  • Now tap on Move
  • It will move apps to SD card android

Wrapping Up

Finally, wrapping up the post now as i have streamlined 3 Methods that can exactly help you. While you want to Directly Download Apps on SD Card Android so you can simply follow those steps that can help you. And in second method we came up with Directly install Apps/Games on SD Card Android so you can do it with these simple steps. And at last i shared a way to Move Apps/Games on SD Card Android. You must to have Marshmallow version to try this method as it require this version because when you include SD Card it will perform its own functions with it. So, it is highly recommend you to have android marshmallow version. If any of the method didn’t work for you then comment bellow or contact us. I would love to help and i will help you just i need something from you is, share  this post as much as you can.. Keep visiting us thanks..

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