Forgot Snapchat Password? Here is How to Change/Reset Snapchat Password


    Forgot Snapchat Password? Here is How to Change/Reset Snapchat Password 


Forgot Snapchat Password? Here is How to Reset Snapchat Password Change-Snapchat is a most popular social app where you will be communicating with your friends as it has lots of feature if you are a Snapchat user. There are tons of feature in snapchat. It is a free app based Social that is available free for Android iOS And windows phone users. It has lots of feature as well but they don’t a feature to save snapchat to watch them later but as i have shared Best Snapchat Savers for android iOS to save Snaps. And today i saw people are facing issue while they are trying to Change Snapchat Password. The Process is Simple to follow if you follow steps and then you will successfully Reset Snapchat Password.

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    How To Change Snapchat Password

There i am showing two methods that will surely Reset Snapchat password. Methods will be two and the first one will be Change Snapchat Password via Email and 2nd one will be Reset Snapchat Password via SMS.You don’t have to feel indimited because these two methods are safe and secure and got from their official site.

  • Open snapchat website log into snapchat online or open Snapchat App
  • Tap on “Forgot Your Password”
  • Then Select Reset Password via Email if you want to Reset Snapchat Password via Email
  • You will receive a link in you email that is associated with your Snapchat Account
  • Click on the url that you have received into your email (if you can’t click on the link just copy and paste the url into address bar and click enter)
  • At last now enter desired that you wanted to Change Snapchat Password

With this method you will be able to change your current password to your desired password. Make sure the email that you are trying to recover is exactly as it is. Make sure there is no any number or alphabet is missing into box otherwise you won’t be able to Reset Snapchat Password.

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    How to Reset Snapchat Password

This method is little bit different from the above as, it does not require any email just you must have Phone number that is associated with Snapchat account. The method is completely safe and secure that is shared by official website.

  • Open snapchat website or Snapchat app
  • There will a button “Forgot Password” below those two boxes
  • Then select Reset Snapchat Password via SMS
  • A Verification code will be sent into your inbox of SMS
  • Enter the verification code in box and Click on Continue
  • At last enter your desired password that you want in your Snapchat account

A Small Tip: Select a password that is at least 8 characters long, that doesn’t contain your username, name, email, birthday or any other personal information that can ease hacker to get into your snapchat account. and you must choose a cool snapchat username.

Wrapping up

Finally wrapping up the post How to Reset/change Snapchat Password as i have streamlined two method that will surely help you. The purpose of sharing two method that you won’t feel intimidated and no confusions at all. the method is much easier but if you fell disturabance you can contact me through facebook too i will be glad to help you,