Best Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016


    Best Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016

Best Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016

How to Get free Google play Credit 2016-Everyone is aware of Google Play store  because it is first and most popular platform owned by Google.Google Play Store is the first ever platform where Million of apps are available.Most of them are completely free.However, not every application is free some of them are paid.You might be curious to know About how to earn google play money And there are several ways to be taken. The method that i am going to tell you may get you aback.because, it is legal and easy way that a nob can apply it.

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Google play store is a most needy thing for an Android smartphone and mostly it is integrated in every Android smartphone. You must all thankful to Google for making such Play store that contains every type of applications. You may avail any application. The best thing is they are letting their users to review and it is best thing that a person may pick a high rated application that is most popular app. It would be a freaking mess if we had to try every a single app and to choose from them.there are lots of 3rd party play stores but they are not safe to use i would highly suggest and prohibit you to go for them, they may contain any malware that can harm your device. It is pretty much easy process to download any app from Google Play Store So why you should go any other Platform for downloading app. Whether the app is paid or free because, in this guide you will be learning to Get Free Google Play Credits. With that you will be able to Get paid apps for free

    What is Google Play Credit Code Free?

Best Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016Google Play Credit Code is Some Amount that would be debited to your Google Play account and you will be able to avail Paid app for free. The best thing about these Google Play card is they will never get expired. You can redeem it with your Google Play Store this guide i am going to reveal some ways to get free Google Play Credits that can help you to add some amount in your Google Play wallet. You won’t be able to convert google play credit to cash. But, you can use Redeem it on Google Play Store and can avail Paid Apps. Some kind of Apps are paid due to their popularity or maybe the Developers don’t want to Give them Free. or there are some apps that are having both versions Free and Paid too as well. Paid app may be containing even more features that a free version doesn’t have. And it would be better to check out reviews of Paid apps. So, you won’t feel miserable.

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    How to Earn Google Play Credits Code For Free

There are several ways to earn Google Play Credit Code Free but just few that are working and i am going to reveal those methods that really works.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a great app owned by Google that works like a charm. Google made it For those who want to Get Free Google Play Credits. Google made it to let users to win free Google Play Credits by just completing simple surveys. The app is completely and easy to use. Today i am going to tell a exact way that how you can avail a free google credits code so that you can spend it on Google Play Store. This is official released by Google consumer surveys and it not any fraud app that may waste your time.there you will not get much money to get rich or you will not be able to withdraw them. But, you will get sufficient money to your Google Play account so you can purchase a paid app.

Best Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016

It is a best alternative to get free Google Play Credits that you can spend for purchasing paid apps for free. At firstly there you will have to answer few question then after a week they will be sending you surveys once a week. When you answer them they will add 1.00$ in your account. Google will send you a notification when survey is completed.the credits will be sent to your Google Play account. Application is free to download you can download from play store for free.

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    How To Get Free Google Play Credits With Google Opinion Rewards

Here is the complete procedure i am going to share a step by step Guide that will clear your all doubts regarding Google Opinion Rewards. Including download and installation i am going to share that how does it actually works.

Step 1: Install Google Opinion Rewards:

installation is a easy Process just download it by clicking on the icon or click on download to download Google Opinion Rewards Apk. complete whole process of installation until it’s done.

Step 2: Create a Profile:

  • After Installing Google Opinion Rewards Tap on it.
  • When you launch the app there will be an introduction form about them click on skip button to skip this.
  • Then app will ask to tell something about you and to tell them some information about yourself.
  • The main purpose of asking this, they want to know your biography so that you will be receiving relevant surveys,
  • They love to serve their users with their needs so they will ask you whether you want to receive occasional surveys or not.,
  • Once account creation step is accomplished you will head towards the app dashboard where you can check your history of credits also surveys that you have completed and reward history can be seen there too.
  • When survey is available you will get a notification and you can check through app dashboard too as well,

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Step 3: Take a Survey

Once the process of account creation is done you will be head towards the dashboard However, you will not have surveys every time. But you will get notification when it is available there.

  • You will be greeted with an amazing dashboard
  • There will be a pop up overlay just skip it by tapping anywhere on your screen
  • Now there will be a clear dashboard by Google Opinion Rewards
  • Check if there any survey is available just complete it by answering simple questions and once a survey is completed, you account of Google Play will be credited with some amount.
  • You can check your balance from quick main menu anytime.

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2. FreeMyAppsBest Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016

It is another great alternative to get free rewards it provides users great rewards not just Google Play credits but much more that you really need.Amazon, skype, Spotify, Starbucks, Xbox etc these website also have the credits code system integrated and those credit codes can be availed free by winning rewards through this app. This app is completely free to use, here you will have to Download apps to your Smartphone and you will be winning Coins, that will lead you towards winning Credit Codes for free. The app is available free for android and iOS users. People are spreading Rumors that the app is not safe to use. My question is to them that why the app is not safe? Streamline a reason so we can observe it. I encourage you that the app is safe to use.

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    How to use FreeMyapps to get google play redeem codes

It is really easy to use FreeMyApps and to earn rewards through this.

  • Install FreeMyApps From Google Play Store.
  • Sign up with Facebook it is required.
  • Go to app section.
  • Download latest Hottest apps free and hottest games too and watch new videos
  • Earn free credits for every app or game you download or any video you watched
  • Redeem your credits for free via FreeMyApps and earn gift cards gems and more.

    What Gift Cards to Expect From FreeMyApps.

  • PSN, Xbox & Steam.
  • iTunes and Google Play.
  • Visa Prepaid and amazon.
  • Walmart, sephora,CVS,.
  • Groupon, Dominos and starbucks.
  • Skype, Verizon and AT&T.
  • Fandango, Hulu and Redbox.
  • Gamestop and BestBuy.
  • Game coins in Games like Clash of clans,Clash and Royal Gems , COD Points,Boom Beach, Diamonds and Hearthstone Ice.
  • Charities and Profits like Redcross, ALS,ASPCA,Habitat for Humanity,Somos Amigos, – Planetary Society,UNICEF and Tony Hawk Foundation.

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I hope this will work for for you if it not works let me know through comment box. And going to share another way keep reading…..

3.AppNanaBest Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016

Appnana is a most popular free gift rewards app available on Google Play store. You can have $5 google play gift card with appnana. It is top rated application as compare to other rewards application. The app is completely legit and safe to use and it is available free on Play offers free credit codes not only Google Play credits but, you can get amazon, paypal, Xbox Etc codes for this app you just have to download apps to earn credits and to redeem Credit codes. The interesting part is, you can earn even more by referring your friends. Appnana gives you a code to refer your friends and you will be credited whenever you got a referral.

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    How to earn free google play credits with AppNana?

  • Download and install appnana From Google Play store For Free.
  • Download Free apps to earn rewards.
  • Redeem Your Free Points and use them for free Gift cards.
  • Receive 400 points on daily logging into the app..
  • Refer your Friends to earn more points.

Appnana is really a cool app to grab some Free Gift cards. You must try it because it really works if you get any problem let me know your problem, i will try to sort out your issues.

4.JunoWalletBest Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016

Junowallet is another great alternate to grab free Gift Cards. It is also top rated application on Google Play similar as Appnana. App has got good number of fair reviews so, it means that the app is legit and safe to use. There are few activities that you can use to get rewarded. With junowallet you are able to earn rewards play free games earn cash, watching videos, Completing surveys,Making calls,By Inviting Your Friends. Level I, II, and III Rewards,and many more..

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    What you can do with junocredits?

You can have free google play redeem codes and even more with this app. i am going to streamline those that you can get with junocredits.

  • You can earn Free Google Credit Code.
  • You can earn Free Amazon Credits.
  • You can earn Free iTunes.
  • You can earn Free Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Credits..
  • You can earn Free Starbucks Credits.
  • You can earn free Nike Credits.
  • You can earn free GameSpot Credits.
  • Even more and more into this single app.

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    How to Earn Free Google Play codes with Juno wallet?

  • Download junowallet app from Google Play Store.
  • Sign up using your Facebook account, either you can go with email.
  • Download apps and complete surveys to earn coins.
  • Refer your friends to earn more coins.
  • Convert your coins into free google play codes.

5.Cubic RewardBest Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016

Cubic Reward is also a best alternative to redeem google play gift is available free on Google Play store Android users can avail this free app. You can earn rewards by Download hottest apps and games. You can earn even more if you refer it to any of your friend,Cubic reward is a safe app to use you can read its reviews if you still have doubts.It Gives Google play redeem codes that work and not only this but you can also get Paypal credits and even more with Cubic Reward app.

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    How to use Cubic Reward For Google Play Redeem Codes?

The process is super easy but i have seen people are still daring to use. They are facing issues just because they don’t know how to use it properly. So these points to adopt while using Cubic Reward app.

  • Download and install Cubic Reward app from Google Play Store.
  • You can download apps from hottest section including games.
  • You have to run those apps to gain rewards.
  • Refer your friend to earn even more rewards.

The app is working fine to Get Google play redeem codes but, if you still have problems regarding you can comment here i will try my best to resolve your query.

    How to Redeem Your Google Play Credit Promo

Best Ways To Get Free Google Play Credits Codes 2016

The process is easy or you can say the process is super easy. However, People still asks in threads, Groups and Forums. But, it is easy process if you have doubts it will be fully cleared.

  • Go to
  • Click on setting icon and click on My account.
  • Click on Add Debit/Credit or Redeem.
  • If you want to purchase an app using your credit card so you can simply add details .
  • If you want to Redeem Google Apps promo code Add it and use it.

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Wrapping up:

I hope this guide might have cleared your all doubts and surely it might have helped you to earn google play store gift cards. However, i saw in different groups, threads and Forums that people are asking if there is any free google play code generator. But, the answer is no ! due to there no software works to Generate Google Play Credit Codes. But with these methods,i believe you will be able to Make a free google play codes list. I have streamlined several apps to get free google play gift card codes.