Top 10 Best Snapchat Saver Apps To Save Snapchat Stories/Photos/Videos on Android iOS


    So these are the Top 10 Snapchat Saver Apps To Save Snapchat Stories/Photos/Videos on Android iOS

Top-10-Snapchat-Saver-Apps To-Save-Snapchat-Stories/Photos/Videos-on-Android-iOS

Top 10 Best Snapchat Saver Apps To Save Snapchat Stories/Photos/Videos on Android iOS-we are agian back with a big bang as previously we have discussed about new feature of whatsapp and explained them deeply in How to Activate WhatsApp Video Call Latest Whatsapp Video Call Download Free Apk. and now we are gonna share about snapchat what is snapchat?Snapchat is one of the Top Social Apps that has made the excellent record in this modern era. Social networking is becoming the need of the users, and in that need, snapchat is one of them.Snapchat has million of active users around the world, and it is unlike all those social apps that you are using right now but, its features are amazing that attract users not to go anywhere else without leaving this great app. It has lots of filters to apply to your pictures and to make them even more attractive, and they are expanding more efforts to make it new viral so all over the world can use it.
It has a bad feature that is it just give users just a few seconds to watch any story. After that, you will not be able to view the picture, so there is no chance of saving it but, as we all know nothing is impossible and there is a solution to every a single thing. So you don’t have to be discouraged about it we are going to reveal the secret that you are waiting for.
Snapchat doesn’t let their users save those snaps to see them anytime but there some developer have done such job to serve to snap chat users to avail free service and to Save snap chats on Android. No doubt snap chat is best because it was launched to help many users around the world and it is a good source of communication which is fully free to use, and users have made it fun and other social networking sites don’t have such features that snapchat has. A smartphone is nowadays is easy to get because nowadays it is no more expensive everyone can afford it via its pocket that he get from his parents. Snapchat is a great mobile app that contains lots of social activities to do and to have fun around the world. You are free for sharing every type of pictures and videos. i have seen Mostly people love to see Funniest videos and want to save into their phone but unexpectedly snapchat doesn’t provide such feature, but today here we are going to share some of the great tools that will surely let answer your question How to Save Snapchats Stories/Photos and videos.
How to Save Snapchats on Android
There are several apps to save Snapchat Stories/Photos and videos but, we are sharing those apps that work. That saves your time and those are high rated apps on Google Play store so there will not be any issue for using it and it will be facilitating you by its service and surely it will save many things that you want to store in your folders and let you upload or watch it later anytime.

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    Best Snapchat Saver Apps to Save Snapchat Stories/Photos/videos

Top-10-Snapchat-Saver-Apps To-Save-Snapchat-Stories/Photos/Videos-on-Android-iOS

    1-Snapbox Apk

Snapbox is one of the best snapchat stories saving app that let you to save snapchat photos and also save snapchat videos permanently on your device without any issue and it is available free for Android and iOS user.

    2. Snapchat Saver Android

Snapchat Saver is a great handy app which is free for Android users it says itself Snapchat Saver as it works like a charm and it let users save snapchat stories. And it is also most used the app by snapchat users to get to know what messages have they received and save them on your way.Snapchat saver Android let you save both whether they are videos or photos and you can save Snapchat Stories as well. And before checking you must save those files into your Android to open them via Snapchat.


It is no doubt top app in the list of  Top Snapchat Apps it lets you download and view snaps that you want to store and to watch them any other time and it is available free for their users to save Snapchat Stories and much more you want through Snapchat.

    4.Casper Apk Download

The developer of SaveMySnaps has made this.These apps have got great ability to save Snapchat Photos and to save snapchat video and So on save Snapchat stories too as well. This is one of the best apps among all those apps that I have shared right now, and this great is generally available for Android users, an Android user may simple Download it From Google Play store and save Friends Snaps without any issue.

    5.Snapsave Apk Download

This is an incredible app which is not just Snapchat Saver but also a great alternative to it. It has a great feature that you can Secretly Save Snapchat without even knowing your Friends.And indeed it is the great one because no other such apps have this kind of feature and not only this, you can instantly send and receive snaps. I have heard users claim issues that app crashes sometimes so, I would prefer to use at your risk.

    6.Snapcrack Android

Snapcrack is also one of the best alternative to use. Most Probably this app is taken by every a single snapchat users and best ever choice for them i would prefer to go for this this is also a secure app that contains no issue at all. it has great feature it works instantly and saves your time.

    7.Snapchat Saver

The Snapchat saver is one of the best and old snap saver which is being used by most of snapchat users.It let users save snapchat photos quickly and store them into your particular folder it is also the best alternative to using.

    8.Saver for Snapchat

It is also a good alternative and best option to use for your snapchat account to save snapchat stories instantly and store them in your folder. This app is not more available for iOS users as it is just available for Android users they can download this app From the link below.

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    9.Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder/Android Download Apk Free

It is a popular screen recorder which is Free of cost For Android. As well as iOs users. Users can download and install it and for installing it you just not have to download on the computer but also on the device to connect throughout the device and let it work efficiently for you .there is no root required to use it, you can use it without rooting it. Users can download private and public videos quickly. For using it just a tip that you must keep in mind always that it is not an instant snaps downloader app you have to go through the app and to record anything you want to. And using it easy as fun just follow these some instructions:

  • Download and install it entirely
  • Open the application on your computer
  • Setup your smartphone device and computer in same wifi network
  • When it is connected successfully, you can directly initiate recording by clicking record button on your screen
  • Now open Snapchat and open that video that you want to save
  • Once it did then click on stop button to end recording and after its done a folder will be popped up to save Snapchat video

    10.AZ Screen Recorder – No Root Apk

Az Screen Recorder-No Root  also same that I have mentioned above the same method will be applied that you are using in 6 Apowersoft. I haven’t seen difference between them just the difference is here you don’t have to connect through computer too as this app doesn’t require such thing and it this app doesn’t need Android to bee rooted, and it is safe to use.

People still ask other questions that i have ever seen and i will be answering them through this post.

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    How To Save Snapchat Memories To Camera Roll

There is no rocket science behind this if you are a snapchat user most probably you have seen this and when i will tell you that it will be like then you will say,oh i knew this but why didn’t i?.

i am gonna tell you this one too as well.

  • Launch Snapchat app and click on ghost icon and tap on settings
  • Tap on Memories
  • there is a saving section and below this there is an option save to
  • click on it
  • Tap on camera roll only
  • it will save your snapchat stories/memories to camera roll

I hope after this,there will be no doubts in your mind if it is still,let me know through comment box.

    How to Save Snapchats Without Them Knowing

This one is easier as previously i have already share Best Apps to Save Snapchat Stories/Photos/Videos and there are some which will surely find answer of your question how to screenshot on snapchat without them knowing 2016. there are some apps that are discuessed above and i would highly recommend you to use these apps

  • Snapsave Apk Download
  • Az Screen Recorder-No Root Download
  • Apowersoft Free Download

these are the apps which will work for you secretly and let you to save snapchat stories of friends.

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Conclusion: I hope this long post will surely help you.i had researched deeply and found all possible ways to help you about it and the guide is free i just need your comments if they really work for you and kind suggetions that you will give me. i haven’t put any downloading link of any app you will find them by googling if still you couldn’t find them just let me know through comment box i will give you its direct downloading links thanks keep visiting iTechMat.

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