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Today we talking about Xposed Framework Installer Explained, This app will root your smartphone safely you should download and watch Xposed Framework Installer Explained, we’re posting a detailed video how to use app and Xposed Framework Installer Explained you can download it form the bellow download button . and you can get all video tutorials about smartphone problem pc fixes right here Watch Video Tutorials on ITechmat.com

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How to install and use the Xposed framework app on any jelly bean device

Link to XDA Xposed thread check it out great read and find the installer there

Link to CM10 installer video

How to install Android Device drivers http://youtu.be/j_KPGUMzrjU
Why Root Android devices video http://youtu.be/6vqnnLnOn3g
Android device hacking explained http://youtu.be/UUTwYHfmHv4
Universal UnRoot App for all Devices http://youtu.be/ySNStU8OTuk
Warning… do this at your own risk.
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  1. Please help, how to download xposed framework,xposed installer shows that latest version of xposed is currently not active and shows need to download xposed framework and reboot, please tell me wt to do?

  2. does factory data reset affect xposed framework ???
    this is bcoz i have inatalled it it was working fine but as soon as i reset it ..
    the modules stop working ..
    can u help ???

  3. I have capped on my mobile hot spot but have unlimited data on my phone I've rooted my phone and I've downloaded xposed and followed all steps it's downloaded just fine but after my mobile hotspot capped I am no longer able to tetherour use mobile hot spot how do I fix that?

  4. Im rooted an I did a few things with my phone other then changing the colors of the wife bar an things like the music player background its not orange instead of black

  5. im on samsung tab 2 7.0 running 4.2.2 and im rooted. i already have clockwork mod backup. i installed wanam xposed and xposed framework but after i rebooted the first time after installing the framework/update then i checked the box in the modules tab where wanam xposed is located then i rebooted again but it keeps saying wanam isnt activated. what do i need to do?

    I use "pimp my rom" once, change the dpi, and my HTC EVO 3D just drop dead. It was a good phone (T_T), beware of noob developers, some of them are clueless kids.

  7. Hey nice video bro
    But i have a problem, it works fine but when i installed gravitybox and i enable the module, then i reboot then he stucks on the bootloop, when i reset he will do it again, can you help me ?
    Device: Alcatel one touch c7
    Android: 4.2.2 Jellybean

  8. i am using lava iris x1 i rooted the device and downloaded the xposed framework when i installed it, it shows "app not installed" can you please help me? how can i  install xposed framework?

  9. Hello friend when I install Xposed framework to my Galaxy S4 I mean when I press install and update batten then when it is rebooting it brings this messages " unfortunately play store , and watch on and other apps stopped working "
    How to fix it 

  10. PLS Help!! I used xposed in my phone it an fine after 6 months suddenly it stopped working none of the modules is running and in |logs| option it says file not found file not found blah blah !!!! how to solve this pls reply

  11. i just have one question, does my phone have to run jellybean to use the xposed framework, or i can use it even on my unrooted ICS phone