Super Sume Pro app deletes Kingroot in just a couple clicks Free Download


Today we talking about Super Sume Pro app deletes Kingroot in just a couple clicks, This app will root your smartphone safely you should download and watch Super Sume Pro app deletes Kingroot in just a couple clicks, we’re posting a detailed video how to use app and Super Sume Pro app deletes Kingroot in just a couple clicks you can download it form the bellow download button . and you can get all video tutorials about smartphone problem pc fixes right here Watch Video Tutorials on

Watch Super Sume Pro app deletes Kingroot in just a couple clicks

there are 277 no of time people liked this video this proov that Super Sume Pro app deletes Kingroot in just a couple clicks is really helpfull to watch and use.
Super Sume Pro can easily Deletes Kingroot app and replace kingroot with Supersu app. Get ride of kingroot once and for all. check out the link in the description for more about supersume Pro

Link to XDA post on this app

Link to Supersume Pro form google play store.

Remove KingRoot
Uninstall KingRoot
Convert KingRoot
KingRoot to SuperSU

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  1. 0:21 I don't know what's with these 3rd party Chinese developer apps like Kingroot and ES File Explorer where the developers of those apps just want to bloat them up.

    I used to use ES File Explorer, but ES started loading their app with so much bloat until it got in the way of a YouTube video I was watching (because there were Play Store auto updates running in the background and it was trying to interfere with that) to the point where I got angry, took a screenshot of that and posted it to Instagram, then uninstalled ES File Explorer and switched to using the CyanogenMod file browser. Ugh.

    Similar story with GO Launcher EX, where GO Dev Team created a completely new version with less features called "GO Launcher Z", and gave it the same app identifier as the EX version, causing Play Store to replace the EX version with the less feature-packed Z version, which was a total mess for me, so I had to switch to using the CyanogenMod "Trebuchet" launcher, but that was until I discovered Nova Launcher, which to me is pretty much just like GO Launcher EX, but without the bloat.

  2. Rootjunky, will this work with the LG K7? I just rooted it today. I really hope you can respond with whether or not it'll work. I can't afford to brick this phone.

  3. OK Mr root junky you know Verizon has unlimited data plan now and the hotspot is 10 GB at 4g and until your bill cycle you will go down to 3g if I goto this plan with my phone being rooted will it affect my hotspot hope you understand my question

  4. supersu rules but idk if i should root my lg stylo 2 since I cant find a custom recovery for it makes me think twice….what do you all think…be cautious live without root 😢 or just do it???
    (been rooting since 4.4.4 so not a noob)

  5. Finally! I had such a time recently removing the info stealing, phone clogging malware that is Kingroot.

    I finally had to run a script and learn some new Linux commands in a VM that was a pain to setup. i fixed that, just installed Mint on my last Windows machine. Now I am truly WinFree

  6. Hi Rootjunky, do you think there will be a custom rom based on Nougat 7.0 for the Samsung Tab pro 8.4? I own one and managed to put cyanogenmod 13 on it by looking at one of your videos about it. Still thankfull for that, i hope The custom rom based on android 7.0 will be more common these day, keep up your great videos wish you all the best 👍🏽💪🏽

  7. hey rootjunky, since a while i have a Problem with my Twrp.
    every time i turn my Samsung A3 2015 off, it boot into trwp recovery. i have to shut it down manually in Twrp.
    This also happen when its turn off and then i am trying to charge it. I have installed it with a xda guide.
     could you please give me some advice for help?

  8. Why pay for an app to uninstall kingoroot when you can manually install supersu and then install system app remover which will allow you to uninstall kingoroot. that's how I done it for free.

  9. hola, espero que esté bien, queria pedirle el favor si es posible que, cuando se pueda, haga un vídeo para rootear la tablet 5th generación de kindle fire 7inch, que se encuentra en la versión fire os Gracias.

  10. hey really cool, can you make an video how to root ALE-L21 Android 6.0, I would really appreciate it 🙂
    thanks for the video 👌