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How to use rom toolbox pro


  1. This is a horrible guide. All he's doing is reading the description he's not explaining a anything. We know you can overclock and underclock, we know you can set terminals, how do you do it.

  2. How about instead of saying.Terminal immilator "It let's you use terminals"OrScript User "It let's you write script"
    Instead of explaining anything you just say he does a very good job of explaining what it does.
    How about you explain what a terminal immulator actually does.
    Or what writing a script does instead of saying… it let's you write notes.
    That's like saying this is the waiter.. he waits.
    What Do He Waits.

  3. On cpu control. Why is one slider turn all the way up and the other all the way down. What happens if I turn both of them all the way up

  4. so how do you back up all your stuff? I am trying to install this but I dont have enough room and I deleted a ton of games and some apps and still no room could it be the titanium app and back up is hording up alot of my memory? With this app could I get rid of titanium back up? thanks

  5. No way. How could it? how could you flash new Roms etc without Root. This is the Root Gods Root App. Root your phone dude. It took me a TOTAL time of about 10 minutes and BAM the door is open the wonderful world of ROOT ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. can someone tell me what i need this app for? i watched the video but its only backup, font, icons and overclocking … and it costs 3.80euro Oo

  7. @kingnel29 firstvthis app only works if you have root. second it doesnt install a recovery but you can use it to install a rom if you have a recovery install.

  8. why would you ever go back to defualt icons? there are two ways one is to restore them from rom tool box. if you backed them up first. The other is to do a sbf and go back to stock.