How to install MultiSystem App Tool on your Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, & Note 4 Free Download


Today we talking about How to install MultiSystem App Tool on your Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, & Note 4, This app will root your smartphone safely you should download and watch How to install MultiSystem App Tool on your Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, & Note 4, we’re posting a detailed video how to use app and How to install MultiSystem App Tool on your Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, & Note 4 you can download it form the bellow download button . and you can get all video tutorials about smartphone problem pc fixes right here Watch Video Tutorials on

Watch How to install MultiSystem App Tool on your Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, & Note 4

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How to install MultiSystem App Tool on your Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, & Note 4. More devices will be supported soon check links in the video description for details. click show more

Terminal Commands
MultiSystem status

Link to Multi System main thread Please read before installing

Link to Multi System Q AND A Please read before installing

Link to MiniTool Partition Directions if you want them

Link to Mini Partition Tool Download from

Link to BusyBox app from play store

Link to MultiSystem app

Link to terminal emulator app from play store

Link to Solid Explorer app from play store

Link to FlashFire beta app by chainfire
XDA thread on Flash Fire

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  1. I have MultiSystem installed on a Galaxy SIII, and I thought turned on virtual image, selected and image, etc, but, when I run the MultiSystem status command in the terminal I get dev/mmcblk0p14 instead of dev/loop.

    Any ideas what I should check

  2. greetings friend rootjunky I need your help I received an update from my samsung galaxy note 4 sm-N910 to be installed and restarted the phone had no signal to check the IMEI * # 06 # IMEI null word appears.
    as I can do to get back to my original imei

  3. this is my first time working with the multi system app and I must say that this is a very poorly designed app. The "Hit this button and then just wait for a uncertain amount of time, that there is no loading bar for," in this day an age is seriously inexcusable.

  4. Do you have to use a micro SD card reader to use the windows application or can you use you phone hooked to your computer? Thanks for all the videos you do!!!

  5. I don't understand how people keep such nice neat computer desks… mine's got random computer crap all over it X-D random CPU's, hard drives, minecraft mini figures…

  6. JUST A HEADS UP I try using aparted to partition my SD (for jasmine rom 5.1) card however it format my internal and external memory upon launching the app without my knowledge so I LOST EVERYTHING, even my installed apps,

  7. HELLO FRIEND.  THAT DOES NOT WORK FOR VERIZON NOTE 4 SM-N910V WITH LOLLIPOP 5.0.1 ROM, DOES NOT EVEN MULTSYSTEM V1.3.1,, when I select, LAUCH TERNAL EMULATOR, I get an error saying MULTISYSTEM stopped … does not work FREE busyBox. NOT BECAUSE MUTISYSTEM NOT WORK, I took more than 5 months for root IN NOTE 4 SM-N910V and so far I have not seen any expert rooting VERSION THAT MODEL WITH LOLLIPOP 5.0.1. can you tell me how to do ????

  8. hi, can someone help me out. I want to keep stock 5.0.1 lollipop on my note 4 and as an secondary system i want 4.4.4 kitkat. I have backed up with titanium backup. And i have the md5 file of the kitkat rom, but i don't wanna f*ck it up so please can somebody help me out? which steps do i have to follow, without bricking and deleting anything from my phone. I have installed the app and i have root acces, i know a little bit to flash etc but not good enough to perform this trick. And please don't come with shitty comments like, don't do it etc, i just need help.

  9. Ok so I have stock i337 gs4 bootloader locked its mdl I need to use loke method can I use this instead of loki and can I flask roms and kernels threw this like an aosp or aokp rom and use diffrent kernels also can on a virtul rom can or do I need to have my boot to 4.3 or can I keep my 4.2.2 and mod from the sd card

  10. Hi,
    For your rooting vid on the galaxy tab 8.4,when you finish doing all the steps can you then download game hacker and can game hacker hack clash of clans?

  11. Awesome video very detailed..How's the battery after all the configurations & changes? & Can custom roms still be installed?

  12. It would be great to see this working on he Verizon Note 2 as well. For those that are unfortunate to have taken one of the OTA updates by Verizon that locked down their bootloaders.

  13. Thanks for the great Tut, I installed MS tool (Via Rootjunky tut) but was unable to launch Terminal Emulator from within the app ( I then ran TE independently) it worked but It didn't say  stock image but instead it was Jasmine 5.0.1 ? Also, which would be the best way to install another rom using MS Tool?

  14. Thanks for this great tutorial … I have a couple of questions the first is what rom are you on ? the second is does it support xposed framework ? because i know touchwiz lolipop doesnt one of the reasons why i downgraded to 4.4.2 kitkat … thanks in advance