How to install Google Wallet on the Galaxy S3 Free Download


Today we talking about How to install Google Wallet on the Galaxy S3, This app will root your smartphone safely you should download and watch How to install Google Wallet on the Galaxy S3, we’re posting a detailed video how to use app and How to install Google Wallet on the Galaxy S3 you can download it form the bellow download button . and you can get all video tutorials about smartphone problem pc fixes right here Watch Video Tutorials on

Watch How to install Google Wallet on the Galaxy S3

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WARNING BusyBox App required please download from google play and open app and install busybox

How to install Google Wallet on the Galaxy S3 with wallet installer app

Link to Google Wallet installer app

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Warning… do this at your own risk.
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  1. I installed busy box. Att sgs3 android 4.3 modified TW rom. wallet installer just reboots phone and does not install wallet.I chose JBTW and At&t

  2. My phone's okay bro. I edited my comment to be more respectful. Hopefully you're more cognizant of that. Also for the ATT users google: [MOD] – [CWM/TWRP] – Modified Google Wallet v2.0 APK – Flashable Zip and Instructions

    Easy non-risky operation for Google Wallet on your phone.

    Hope you're well Tom

  3. no it edits your build prop and some times the recovery accesses that info. if you made a nandroid back up before installing it you should have any problems and if you did then just restore. sounds like someone is throwing a fit because they messed up there own phone.

  4. i had the same problem as some users bellow… after i tried this method, using your file, my phone keeps booting itself over and over again… WTF???

  5. I really botched my AT&T Galaxy s3 up. I had it rooted and working just fine, installed wallet installer ran it, chose the correct options, and now my phone goes to the Galaxy S3 logo and then goes black. The only thing on is the LED and it is pulsing from white to blue. I tried restoring it, wiping it, Please Help me. Thanks

  6. i have a galaxy s3 im rooted and i also have the wallet installer but when it asked for super user permision i granted it and the phone just turned off and doesnt want to turn on again plz help m phone is runiing jellybean 4.1.1 completly on stock

  7. ok i got it working… i chose my rom which was aosp and the carrier that mdae the phone which is att..ran into some hiccups but the app is working, i've yet to test it out, i'll go to a micdonalds and test it tomorrow.

  8. hey Tomsgt123, i got a question i want you to clear up if you possibly can…
    I have an att(at&t) samsung galaxy s3 i747 but it is unlocked and i am using tmoilbe services; tmobile sim card… which option should i choose as mycarrier at&t or tmobile