Install NDS4IOS Roms Download on iOS 9 iPhone iPad Without jailbreak


    How to install NDS4IOS Roms Download on iOS 9 iPhone iPad Without jailbreak

Install NDS4IOS Roms Download on iOS 9 iPhone iPad Without jailbreak

Since those ancient time for Gamers there were a winning video Game Player which had made life fun with its functions users loves to play it and it was not any other game as it was Nintendo DS And it was really an incredible game as it is still a great one among all those game contains 2 screens and there a user can play best games ever.However iPad and iPhone users don’t even know how exciting games like Pokemon and other great games can be played on Nintendo DS.It is even better to play such games developers generate user friendly thoughts in their minds to bring such an emulator to make iPhone and iPad lovers smile and let them to play such great games into their device.However, in devices utility had stopped working on their iOS 7 and iOS 8.

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The developers even pulled it off from its cydia repo.Nintendo Game Boy handheld console has always been a popular gaming console among every kid or even teenagers and at last they had discontinued the device and gaming lovers got discouraged because they miss the fun that was on playing games on Nintendo.But developers made realized iOS users that they can play it through cydia which is a Play Store for jailbreak users and you might be knowing about this,if you are an iOS user and the emulator that they have made is NDS4IOS Download. Recently i had tried myself to add some kind of alternatives to host this emulator and then it turned out to be incompatible for my device with iOS 9.0.1.And after developers announcement done they have made it possible now iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone with iOS 9.0 -9.2 whether it is jailbroken or not the users are able to have NDS4IOS in their devices,isn’t it a great news though.

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And now we are gonna reveal How to install NDS4IOS Roms Download on iOS 9 iPhone iPad Without jailbreak you might be curious to know this and wait is over now so let’s get it started.Install NDS4IOS Roms Download on iOS 9 iPhone iPad Without jailbreak

    How to Install NDS4iOS on iOS 9 Without Jailbreak

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As previously we have discussed that it doesn’t require to be jailbroken as it will work on both type of devices iOS 9. This clearly make you realize that you don’t have to to make any kind of changes into you iPhone or iPad

  1. First of all make sure your iPhone iPad or iPod is updated to iOS 9, 9.2.1 or 9.3 you can simply check out by yourself just go to Setting>General>About>Version
  2. Open your device and open main browser of the device
  3. Go to the website
  4. Tap on install now
  5. You will be redirect to its Profile page select install to install it
  6. Add pass code (if it requires) and select install again
  7. New application will be installed respectively into your Springboard
  8. Now open iOSEmus app
  9. Tap on most popular apps
  10. You will see there NDS4IOS and select install
  11. Wait for a while and it will be downloaded into your device
  12. And install it

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Bingo !! you have successfully downloaded and installed NDS4iOS Nintendo Emulator on iOS 9,its time to have some Rom are able to search favorite games on google.unlike old emulators or GBA4iOS,You must connect your device iPad or iPhone for transferring that Rom files to NDS4iOS..

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When you accomplish the process of downloading necessary Rom files Launch iTunes>App section>File sharing>NDS4IOS. This is the directory where you can simply drag n drop your will also be exist in inside the official app you can simply run it from there.

Lots of people might still face issues regarding NDS Roms not working but let me explain you a simple one method that will make your way easy.

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    How to add a Rom Game to NDS4iOS on your iPhone or iPad iOS 9.2.1 or iOS 9.3

  • Open browser into your computer and go through this address if the links isn’t working properly you may copy it and paste it into your address bar.
  • Download NDS Game Rom Any of your choice
  • Connect your iPhone or iPod or iPad with data cable with computer and open iTunes
  • From the navigation bar select your device it will be at the top of iTunes
  • Open the app section and navigate it on file sharing and select NDS4IOS
  • Drag those .NDS Rom files that you had downloaded
  • Let your devices to sync them it will be requires some time
  • After it has synced Unplug your device from your computer
  • Open iPhone and then open NDS4IOS app and after that select menu at the left top into your corner
  • After that select those Rom list that you had added into the app from computer
  • Tap any of the game of your choice to launch any of it

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Congratulation now you have NDS4iOS without jail breaking your iOS 9 successfully into your device.

Conclusions:So this was a guide to let you know about How to install NDS4IOS Roms Download on iOS 9 iPhone iPad Without jailbreak actually there is no Rocket Science behind this but i have seen most of people are having issues and since i have got to know and i always to help people by spreading my knowledge that i have and we will be sharing always keep visiting iTechmat.